The INTERNET, considered as a “NEED” by SMEs?

Internet, Is it considered as a “need” by small to medium enterprise? Let’s talk about it. In this generation, internet is now a huge part of our daily lives. A lot of people rely in the internet because of huge information they can get and do a lot of things with it. Like for example, a lot of students prefers downloading e-books from the internet for their studies rather than buying and bringing heavy books in their backpacks or going to public libraries.


Imagine going to a library just to search “why you can’t reach all your teeth using your tongue” – I’m sure you are trying it 😀



The data shown by Newsbytes (, 67 Million of Filipinos are subscribed in broadband for homes or has a data connection in their mobiles. That’s why, businesses finds the internet very useful for their company’s advertising and other things they need to promote like events, announcements and NEWS because of the reach and the ability to target people who they want to reach.



Bad weather, Busy working schedule or too crowded. Those are some reasons why business-owners started to use internet for their business. Use this situation as an advantage for your online business too! If you have a budget, why not try it? Online businesses offer free delivery when you buy with a minimum amount in their online store, get a free item when you download a content from their website or get an amazing discount when you subscribe in their email list. Many ways to attract people to visit your website.


Making a business website in line with your current store is the best idea to get more customers in addition to your physical store visitors. Invite some guests for your events from social media, offer free Wi-Fi in your store, make your hard-copy portfolio accessible online (digital portfolio) or upload your exciting video commercial and let people watch it. There’s a lot of crazy idea, just be wise and careful. Truly, Internet is an all-in-one tool to help your business grow. A lot consider it as a basic needs like Electricity, Water, Food, Gas and Shelter.

Still thinking twice? Maybe this help you decide. Almost all businesses like small coffee shops, eatery, Barber shop or Salon, provincial buses or even a tricycle, uses and integrates technology and offers free Wi-Fi! Watch the video below.

Be sure you invest in an internet connection which is reliable and offers a professional support and customer service in case you had a problem. Try to find a local Leased Line internet Service Provider and be amazed on what it can offer to you and your business.


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